Evaluating Game 1’s of the NBA Playoffs in Sports Betting

The NBA Playoffs are probably one of the most fun times of the entire year for sports bettors, but it’s important to make sure that you aren’t overlooking some incredibly obvious angles to use to bet on a specific NBA series!  This angle is the match-up between these two teams after Game 1 of course.  Game 1 of a series can tell you quite a bit about what to expect from the series moving forward, and yes, the stat is true that most of the time the team who wins Game 1 is the team who ends up winning the series at the end of the day as well.  Today we are going to look at a few things that you should look at to help with the NBA betting aspect of each series moving forward, and hopefully help us make some money as well!


It sounds crazy to look at which team played with more heart during Game 1, and it’s not always going to decide who wins the series, but the team who comes out and looks like they want it more is a good bet to come out with that same emotion moving forward.  The main exception to this one though is if you find a seven or eight seed come out with a ton of emotion and pull off the upset in Game 1.  Often times you’ll find that the top seeds will get it together for Game 2 and the talent will trump the emotion in the end of the day.  This isn’t as much of a sports betting angle, as it is just an angle for the series in general, but it’s one that can definitely help out with betting if used correctly!

Three Point Percentage

If a team pulled off a Game 1 win, but shot an incredible percentage from the three point line to do it, then this is probably not a team you want to consistently roll with.  Outside shooting is something that is definitely streaky at best, and can lead to some heartbreak in the sports betting world if you aren’t careful.  It can be tough to bet on a team who runs streaky, and if you are going to bet on them to win the series then you better have a lot of confidence in their ability to hit that three point shot consistently.  You are much better off betting on a team who likes to grind it out inside, but can still shoot the three ball in most situations as well, but don’t go all in without doing this research first!

Obviously just watching Game 1 of an NBA series isn’t going to tell you everything that you’ll need to know about a team or a series, but it can definitely point you in the right direction.  You’ll still have to research each specific game and find the best betting angles before placing your final bets, so just don’t sell yourself on something without knowing all of the facts.