Using Multiple Betting Sites

One thing that many online sports bettors will overlook is the option to use multiple different sports betting sites to place their bets and check on odds and lines.  This is something that ALL sports bettors should take advantage of, because it can make a huge difference between being a profitable bettor daily, or breaking even!  We’re going to take a look at a few reasons why using a few different sports betting sites for your action is a better idea than sticking with just one site.  Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a “main” sports betting site that you typically use, but you should have two or three at least consistently!

Finding the Best Line

Say that you are betting on the NFL, and one of the teams that you were hoping to get on has a line sitting at -7.  Obviously you’d love to find a spot where that line is less than -7, and hopefully you can get it at -6 or -6.5.  Rather than sitting back and watching the line (and potentially letting it move to -7.5 or having to buy a half a point), you can use one of your other online sports betting sites to see if the line is -6 or -6.5 there.  Often times you’ll find that there are sites that you can get better lines on that game, which can be the difference between winning and pushing a bet, or even between winning and losing your bet when all is said and done.

Searching for Odds

You’ll find that many sites will vouch that they have some of the best odds on the internet.  So why not search through a few different sites to see if you can get different odds on a specific type of bet?  This can relate to many different things, but two things that many people will look at are the total bets and the money line bets.  If you want to bet on a team who is -3.5 on the money line in the NFL, but the odds aren’t very good, you could always potentially check your other online sports betting sites to see what the odds are like on the money line there.  Many different sites have different odds, so always shop for the best line, you could be losing money if you aren’t careful and don’t do the full amount of research to get the best action out there!

So for example, if I use Bovada as my standard online betting site, I might use another top notch site like BetOnline to compare odds and sports betting lines.  Different sites update their lines at different times and some do it quicker than others as well, so why not give yourself many different options to find the odds and lines that you are looking for?  This is simply taking advantage of all of the sports betting advantages that you can get out there, so don’t overlook this option!

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