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Cricket Betting Sites

The face of cricket has changed somewhat in recent years. Test cricket is still the pinnacle of the sport, but the new format of Twenty20 cricket and the emergence of the Indian Premier League have both had a big effect on increasing the excitement and glamour factors of the game and it's popularity at cricket betting sites. This has led to a world-wide increase in the popularity of the game and produced a whole army of new fans. The sport has also becoming much more popular among online sports bettors and betting on cricket games at online cricket betting sites is far more commonplace that it ever used to be. It is not, therefore, surprising that there has been an increase in the number of cricket betting websites and that virtually all online bookmakers now offer plenty of betting and wagering opportunities on cricket.

The result of this increase in the number of cricket betting sites is obviously a good thing for sports bettors. However, it also means that there is a bewildering choice and knowing which one is the best to bet at can be tough. At OnlineBettingSites.Com we have tried out many cricket betting sites and as such as we have first-hand experience of which ones are good and which ones should probably be avoided. We have compiled a list, below, of the best cricket betting sites we have used.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

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How We Find Top Cricket Betting Websites

It is a big decision, choosing which cricket betting site to use and one that you really need to get it right. There are a number of factors you should consider when making this choice and we’ve listed some of the more important ones below. These factors are all ones that we take into account when making our recommendations of cricket betting sites.

Deposit and Payment Options

If you are going to use a cricket betting site for placing real money wagers then the first thing you need to do after signing up is deposit money into your betting account. This should be a relatively easy process and the best cricket betting sites will make it as easy as possible for you and offer plenty of different deposit options for you. In addition, when you come to make a withdrawal you should be able to expect your money back swiftly.

Cricket League/Event Coverage and Wagering Markets

The amount of cricket played throughout the year has increased dramatically in recent years. The test playing nations continue to compete in various test series as always and one day internationals are also played regularly. Twenty20 cricket has proved incredibly popular too, and there are loads of T20 games played each year. If you are betting on cricket online then you need to choose a cricket betting site that provides plenty of coverage of all these different games, so you can be sure to get a bet on any game you want.

Cricket is also one of those sports that has a wide range of different bets available. From leading batsman to the number of boundaries scored or best bowling figures, there are plenty of different wagers you can make on cricket. The best cricket betting sites will offer big cricket betting markets with a good variety of different bets you can make.

Real Money Cricket Wagering Customer Service and Support

The quality of customer service you receive from online sports betting websites could make a big difference to your internet betting experience. The best cricket betting websites know exactly how to look after their customers and keep them happy by providing top quality customer service. You should expect a number of contact options should you need to submit a query and also a swift, helpful response. Support staff should know what they are talking about and be able to deal with any question you may have.

Promotions, Odds, Lines, Incentives, Rewards!

With so many different cricket bets available, and so many betting sites offering them, the range of odds available can often vary quite a bit from one online bookmaker to another. To get the absolute best value out of your cricket betting, you really want to be placing your wagers at the best possible price. The best cricket betting sites, such as the ones we have listed above, have a reputation for being very competitive and consistently offering the best odds for cricket.


As the amount of cricket being played has increased, so has the number of people betting on it and subsequently the number of cricket betting sites has also increased. With such a big choice available, it follows that the quality from one online betting to site to another will vary. We are confident that our recommended cricket betting sites are the best there are and we would suggest that you make your choice from our list.