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2020 US Presidential Election Betting Markets Are Live

2016 election not go your way? Well, I have some good news and bad news for you.

The good news is the world is not going to end in a nuclear apocalypse and Donald Trump will not suspend the 2020 election. There will be another election just a few short years from now and the country will once again get to choose its leader for the next four years. Continue reading

UK General Election Betting Countdown and Preview

Image credit: Maurice

The time until the next UK general election can now be counted down in hours. This week’s general election comes a full three years earlier than normal due to Prime Minister Theresa May calling for a snap election back in April. On 8 June, the British people will take to the polls once again and vote for who they want to represent them in Parliament. Continue reading

The 2017 French Election: Betting on Le Pen vs. Macron

In the wake of British voters choosing to leave the European Union and Donald Trump upsetting the political establishment in the United States, yet another vote with major implications quickly approaches. French voters will take to the voting booth on 7 May to choose which of two very different candidates will be leading France for the next five years. Continue reading