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The first major decision you’ll make as a gambler is choosing where to bet online. It’s important to get this part right but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Outdated review websites, bad information, and the sheer number of options all make it a chore to find the best betting sites.

Our goal with this page is to share recommendations of the best online betting sites for each market. The rest of this page will go into greater detail about what makes some betting websites better than others, and the factors we used to determine our ratings.

Top Rated Betting Sites Overall

Our personal experiences with the gambling sites listed on this page have been overwhelmingly positive. With our years of experience betting sports, playing poker and gambling, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of online gambling. The recommendations that you see here come from more than a decade’s worth of experience. If you expect nothing less than the absolute best, these are the online betting sites to visit first.

The best betting sites come in all different shapes and sizes. Some take the form of large, all-in-one sites where you can play casino games, bet on sports, and play online poker using a single account. Other gambling websites specialize in one format. Niche brands may not offer sports betting or poker games but they make up for that with a laser-like focus on their specialty areas.

There’s always going to be some debate when ranking the best real money betting sites. Some of it is a matter of personal taste and opinion. We take our listings seriously because not all betting sites are equal when it comes to matters of security, financial stability and fair games.
The “best” label is relative to what you seek as an individual. A sports gambler is going to have a completely different set of needs than a serious poker player, for example. Even so, there are certain qualities that I think we can all agree on when it comes to rating the best online betting sites overall.

  • Safety: No matter who you are or what you play, safety is at the top of the list. Nothing matters more than ensuring your financial information is safe, your games are fair, and your withdrawals are processed in a timely manner.
  • Game Selection: More is always better. It’s nice to have access to a wide variety of betting options. An account at a site with a broad selection of games will have something to offer for players of all persuasions.
  • Odds: This one goes for both casino players and sports bettors. All casino games must pay at true casino odds, and all sports betting lines must competitive.
  • Traffic: Traffic refers to the number of active customers at a betting site. Higher traffic and volume indicates financial stability. Traffic is especially important at online poker sites because more players result in more active tables and better tournaments.
  • Software: we have played at sites with truly horrendous software in our time. This is a factor that’s easy to take for granted. If your site’s software is reliable and easy on the eyes, you tend to forget it’s even an issue. If you play at a betting site with poor software, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience.
  • Overall Sense of Quality: This factor is difficult to put into words, but you know it when you see it. A site that is well-designed and easy to use indicates a certain level of professionalism and instills a sense of trust in the user.

If you’re looking for a specific form of betting (casino, sports, poker, etc), you’d be well-advised to visit any of the following pages for market-specific recommendations.

Sports Betting Sites

Our experience at online sportsbooks has ranged from awful to awesome. The one thing that’s clear is that some betting sites approach the business with a clear intent to serve their customers well, while other operators are only in it for the money.

There’s more to running a successful sports betting site than simply opening for business and posting lines. Policies have a huge impact on the way customers are treated. Policies such as putting limits on winners, refusing to honor winning wagers, and not allowing withdrawals of less than $500. All of these policies are unacceptable.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Real money fantasy leagues have hit the internet and business is booming. Today’s largest fantasy leagues are awarding millions of dollars to the winners, and the prize pools keep growing. If you love sports and think you have what it takes to draft a team, for you.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and deposit, join a contest, pay the entry fee, and draft a team of players from around the league. If your players perform better than others, you win the contest. Best of all, you get paid the same day.

Read all about it here: best fantasy sports sites.

Casino Sites

The biggest thing to look for at online casino sites is a fair game. This is why we have third-party testing agencies, licensing jurisdictions, and other industry watch dogs. Beyond that, the best online casino sites excel in areas such as game selection, stakes offered, and value of bonuses and promotions.

See our casino-specific recommendations here: best online casino sites.

Bingo Sites

Things to look for at online bingo sites are reputation, average prize pool, and community features.

Chat with other players, make friends, and play in side games that make bingo a fun and lighthearted form of gambling.
See our opinion of top operators here: best online bingo sites.

Poker Sites

Poker players are the most demanding in all of gambling. Not only do they need reliable cashouts and fair games, but they also need lots of player traffic, easy-to-use software and game variety. Nobody spends as much time interacting with a betting site than the poker player. Poker sites need to pass our test before they get our endorsement.

There are plenty of options. Between the endless “skins” (sites that share players across a network) and large standalone sites, there’s no need to settle for anything but the best.

See our top picks here: best online poker sites.

High Limit Betting Sites

High stakes gamblers are bound to have different expectations than your typical recreational player. Reputable betting sites need to be properly equipped to accept large deposits and large withdrawals. It’s even more important that the brand have a spotless reputation for protecting players and keeping their money secure.

That’s not to say high rollers’ money is more important than regular gamblers’ money, but the fact is larger deposits make for a more tempting target. Some of the other things that high rollers should consider would be VIP programs and special bonuses for large deposits.

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