Jackpot.com is a lottery betting site that allows you to participate in the world’s biggest lotteries without having to leave the house and purchase tickets in the real world. Jackpot.com provides instant, online access to major international lotteries such as Powerball, EuroMillions and more so that you can take a shot at winning some of the largest jackpots in the world from the comfort of home.



Jackpot.com is a safe lottery betting site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. At Jackpot.com, you get paid the full jackpot if you pick the correct numbers for the next drawing. An account with Jackpot.com opens a world of international lotteries including Powerball, Mega Millions, Superenalotto and more.


  • Safe and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission
  • Simple to select numbers and play
  • Automatic notifications sent to winners
  • Can play and win international lottos even if you don’t live there


  • Withholds 35% on Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots
  • Syndicates only available to UK customers

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Payout Speed

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Jackpot.com Info

  • Betting Site: Jackpot.com
  • Website: www.jackpot.com
  • Established: 2016
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Support: Phone, live chat and e-mail
  • Minimum Deposit: £5

The new Jackpot.com was established in 2016 as a lottery betting site that allows players to bet on the outcomes of real-world lotteries and then be paid at true lottery odds. Although you do not purchase actual lotto tickets at Jackpot.com, you are paid as though you had won the actual lottery – including the full jackpot amount.

There may be some confusion as the Jackpot.com domain name was once used by a different lottery site that was established way back in 1998, but the new Jackpot.com is run by a different company based out of the UK and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. As such, Jackpot.com is a safe lottery betting site that will indeed pay as promised should you win a large prize.

How Jackpot.com Works

Participating in international lotteries at Jackpot.com is a simple process:

  1. Choose the lottery in which you wish to participate
  2. Select your numbers or let the website choose for you
  3. Pay for your ticket
  4. Get paid if you win

They difference between Jackpot.com and other lottery sites that we have reviewed recently is Jackpot.com does not actually buy lottery tickets on your behalf. Instead, they allow you to bet on the outcome of the lottery and then issue payouts equal to the actual jackpot amount published by each lottery.

The whole experience is basically the same as buying actual tickets from your point of view. You make your picks, watch the lotto drawing and hope to match your numbers to those chosen in the next drawing. If you match enough numbers to earn a prize under €1000, Jackpot.com will deposit the money to your account. If you win a large prize, Jackpot.com will contact you to make payment arrangements.

The difference is that Jackpot.com pays your winnings, not the lottery company. They are able to do this thanks to contracts they have with large insurers. If you were to win a major prize (let’s say €10,000,000), Jackpot.com would receive a payout from their insurer and then send that money to you.

This is how Jackpot.com is able to let you effectively compete in lotteries from all around the world while avoiding the hassle of you trying to claim a large prize from a lotto commission based out of a country halfway around the world. Jackpot.com does all the heavy lifting and simply pays you the money as if you had won the jackpot from the official lottery itself.

Winning Real Money at Jackpot.com

Wins less than €1000 are deposited directly to your customer account at Jackpot.com. From there, you can withdraw the winnings as cash to your bank account or an e-wallet, or you can use those funds to purchase additional tickets. Any money deposited into your account is yours to withdraw as you please with no strings attached.

Wins greater than €1000 prompt Jackpot.com to contact you for payment arrangements. Jackpot.com does not withhold a commission on any winnings; you are paid the full amount of the jackpot except in the case of Powerball and Mega Millions (details below). Jackpot.com makes its money by charging a fee for tickets purchased. In other words, you are always paid the full prize amount.

Powerball and Mega Millions are the exception to the rule, and this brings us to our one complaint. If you win the jackpot in either of these lotteries, Jackpot.com will hold back 35% of the prizes for the aim of putting the player “in an economic position equivalent to that which they would have been in had they played the Source Lottery itself.”

This is the equivalent of having to pay taxes on the lottery, even though you’re only placing a bet and normally wouldn’t have to pay any taxes whatsoever if you live in certain jurisdictions (such as the UK which does not tax gambling winnings). This is a bit annoying, but the prizes are just so large that it is hard to argue against playing those lotteries. Jackpot.com does not apply this rule to other lotteries.

Additionally, Jackpot.com reserves the right to choose either the 30-year payment plan or the lump sum payment option for Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot wins. It would be nice to have that option as a player, but with Powerball jackpots sometimes topping $1 billion, it would be hard to complain either way. That is still a lot of money coming your way – money that you would typically have no chance of winning outside the United States.

Is Jackpot.com a Scam or Legit?

Jackpot.com is most certainly not a scam. This is a legitimate lottery betting site that is headquartered in the UK and it holds a gambling license form the UK Gambling Commission. This means they operate under the watchful eye of the world’s most demanding gambling jurisdiction and there are no questions that you will be paid every time you win.

You can see the license here.

Basic Information

Supported Lotteries

EuroMillionsPowerballMega MillionsEurojackpot
SuperEnalottoGerman LottoPolish LottoIrish Lotto
OZ PowerballOZ LottoFrench LottoThunderball
UK Lotto

Restricted Countries

USAUSA TerritoriesItalyFrance
French TerritoriesBelgiumSpainDenmark
Hong KongTurkeyMalaysiaCyprus

Payment Methods

Fast Bank TransferAbaqoosAstroBoleto

Accepted Currencies

Jackpot.com supports deposits and withdrawals via all the world’s major currencies. However, accounts held by UK customers are kept in pounds sterling while all other international accounts are held in euros. If you need to deposit or withdraw in any other currency, Jackpot.com offers a currency exchange service using current quotes published by the European Central Bank.