Where to Play Spades Online

People from all walks of life play Spades. Take a tour around the world of Spades and you’ll meet retired couples, young convicts passing time in prison and everything in between. The card game involves just enough strategy to make it appealing to a wide audience, and now it’s available for real money stakes at some popular skill games betting sites.

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Spades looks complicated on paper, but it’s actually not that bad to play in real life. If you sit in on a few games, you’ll get the basic idea. There are several competing goals in Spades: you need to predict how many tricks you’ll win, try to hit that number and also prevent your opponents from doing the same. Spades is one of those games that are easy to learn but difficult to master.

There are quite a few websites that host spades games, but real money spades is a different story. Real money Spades sites must have hack-proof software, fair games and secure payment processing. For that reason, the best places to play Spades online are established gambling sites.

Established skill game sites are the best to partake in spades games at because they already have everything they need to provide a fair and secure gaming experience. Additionally, these online spades sites have the most customers, which makes it easier for you to find games at all stakes.

You can find Spades in the “skill games” section at the above betting sites. Spades is not categorized as a gambling game because skill plays a big part in determining the winner. If you’re a better player than your opponent, the odds are in your favor.

How To Play Online Spades Games

The basics of Spades translate well to the internet, but there’s one key difference between online Spades and playing it at home with your friends. When you play online, you are always paired against exactly one other person. There is no 4-player Spades online.

Teamwork plays a big role in face-to-face Spades, but it doesn’t work too well online. For one, you have absolutely no control over who you are paired with. If you get stuck with a terrible teammate, that’s just too bad. A bad teammate in online Spades will cost you money.

Second, 4-player Spades would open the game to collusion online. One of the important aspects of 4-player Spades is not being able to verbally communicate with your teammate. This rule would be almost impossible to enforce online.

So, online Spades is always played in heads-up fashion. It may feel a little weird at first if you’re used to team Spades, but it’s not too bad. You get to keep full control over your own destiny and you don’t have to worry about collusion. This makes for a much more secure and fair experience.

Other than that one major difference, everything else is the same in online Spades. You still call your tricks at the beginning of the round and try your best to hit that many tricks. Also know that there are no penalties for catching too many tricks. The only time you get penalized is when you fail to catch the number of tricks that you called in advance.

One of the nice things about playing online is that players are not allowed to make illegal plays. The software only allows you to select cards that can be legally played. This should be comforting from your point of view because it means your opponents never have the option of acting like they are all out of a certain suit just so they can catch the trick with a spade.

The basic strategy for 2-players Spades is mostly the same as it is for 4-player Spades. The main thing to remember when you transition to 2-player games is that you don’t have a partner to watch your back. You cannot play anything weak and expect it to win in heads-up spades.