Woman Wins $30 Million Jackpot with theLotter

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A Panamanian woman has just claimed a $30 million lottery jackpot courtesy of a ticket she bought online through theLotter.com. Aura D. from Panama said she was inspired to sign up for an account with the online lotto service after reading a local newspaper article about a recent lottery winner. She researched how to buy lottery tickets online and decided to sign up for an account with theLotter.

Her decision would soon prove to be a fortuitous one. Within weeks, her lucky numbers triggered the Florida Lotto top jackpot for a $30 million score. She received two e-mails from theLotter informing her that she had won the jackpot, but naturally she was skeptical.

Two representatives then called her from theLotter’s headquarters in London to assure her that the e-mails were indeed legitimate. Aura D. was due in Florida to pick up her $30,000,000 check. You can hear them break the news to Aura in the video below. Just imagine being on the receiving end of a phone call like this one:

YouTube video

As the press release explains, Aura decided to try the Florida Lotto for a month using family members’ birthdays to come up with the winning numbers of 3-10-20-29-35-50. She logged in to her account at theLotter signed up for a subscription to play the Florida Lotto every week.

theLotter then went to work, sending agents based in Florida to go out and buy tickets on her behalf. Each week, the agents bought tickets for her, scanned them and uploaded images of the tickets to her account area at theLotter.

Three weeks went by without a win for Aura and she decided to cancel her recurring subscription to the Florida lottery. However, her subscription still had one week remaining. It was during this final week before her subscription was cancelled that she bought the winning ticket.

After the winning numbers came back, theLotter called Aura to give her the good news. The lottery website then flew her to Florida where she collected the massive check in person. TheLotter typically pays winners through their online account, but they fly people in to collect their physical tickets and claim their winnings in-person for jackpot wins.

Aura hasn’t yet said what she’ll do with her newfound winnings, but she did mention wanting to take care of her children. She told theLotter this:

“I’m a retired woman, and I would like to stop working because I continued working because I have my children, but I want to rest, really!”

TheLotter spoke with Aura D. after claiming her check and put together a nice video in which she recounts her experience:

YouTube video

This is the biggest win ever recorded by a member of theLotter, but it is far from the first time a customer has walked away with a big check. Several people have won a million or more with lottery tickets purchased online via theLotter.

The previous record holder before Aura D.’s big win this month was a man known only as “M.M” from Baghdad, Iraq. The anonymous lottery winner said he was driving in his car in Iraq when he received the phone call from theLotter letting him know he had just won $6.4 million from the Oregon lottery.

M.M. kept his big win a secret until he could make arrangements with theLotter to fly out to Oregon and claim the prize. Oregon lottery officials were more than happy to pay the man his winnings even though he had never stepped foot in the US. In fact, lottery officials decided to make a special exception to state lottery rules and let him remain anonymous due to the security situation back in his home country.

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