Hurling is a game of tradition as much as it is a sport. Those of you familiar with hurling already know this, but hurling is not a big-time commercial sport like others around the world. This is not the sport people take up in search of fame and riches.

No, hurling is played for the love of the game. And that, my friends, is what makes it such an awesome sport. You don’t see massive egos and bad attitudes in hurling like you do all too often in other sports. I’m not trying to say that hurling is “better” than every other sport, but it’s definitely different. The mindset of the players, the fans and the officials is unique in the world of sports.  This page is dedicated to finding and listing the best hurling betting sites, which are listed below.

Where to Bet on Hurling Online

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Anyways, the point is hurling is a cool game and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s time to acquaint yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Hurling does not involve big money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a little money off the game yourself. That’s where online hurling betting comes into play.

There are a few hurling betting websites that offer real money action. Most smaller bookmakers skip hurling in favor of bigger sports, but major international betting sites offer bets on hurling matches all the time.

The key is to avoid smaller books. You need to go international to bet on hurling. In fact, what you might consider doing is keeping accounts open at several different hurling betting sites. That way, you can take advantage of a wider selection of bets and shop for the best hurling betting odds.

If you’re already familiar with the basics of internet sports betting, then you won’t have any problems taking up hurling betting. It’s the same idea with hurling as it is with every other sport. If you don’t have any sports betting experience, read on for an introduction to the basic types of bets you will encounter.

Types of Hurling Bets and Wagers

The basic setup for hurling betting websites is the same as it is for any other sport. You can arrange hurling bets into three basic categories:

Hurling Matchup Bets

The majority of hurling bets are structured as matchups between two teams. These bets give you the option to place a wager on one team, the other team or a tie.

The odds for each bet are set up according to the perceived skill of the team. So if you have, say, the Ballyhale Shamrocks (2012 Kilkenny Senior champions) vs. the Fenians, you’ll have to risk more to wager on the Shamrocks. On the other hand, you stand to win more money if you place your wpngagers on the underdogs.

Here’s what a typical hurling matchup bet looks like when posted online:

hurling matchup bet

First, note the basic information. This image shows the date of the match, the time, the names of both teams and even which team is the home team and which team is the away team.

The hurling betting odds in this example are listed in the fractional format. Wexford is showing odds of 1/8. This means Wexford is the favorite to win the match and that you will have to risk more money to bet on this team. The 1/8 means that you’ll win back 1/8th of whatever you wager if your bet is successful. In other words, a $100 bet on Wexford will pay out $12.50.

That’s not a very attractive payout, but that’s the premium you pay for wagering on a team that is expected to dominate the match.

Now, let’s look at the 11/2 odds posted for Antrim. This shows that if you wager $100 on Antrim, you stand to win $550. I figured this out by dividing 11 by 2 to get my multiplier (5.5) and then multiplying that times the amount I wanted to bet.

Hurling Futures

Futures (also known as “outright bets”) are fairly straightforward. In a futures bet, you see a list of teams and then place a wager on which team you think has the best chances of winning an upcoming championship. Every team in contention is listed along with the odds for that team.

Generally, the teams with the best chances of winning offer the lowest payouts while the teams with the worst chances of winning have the highest payouts.

The advantage of hurling futures betting is that you can see some fairly large payouts. It is not uncommon to see hurling teams with odds of 500/1. A $10 wager on one of those teams would give you $5,000 in potential winnings.

Hurling Props and Specials

Prop bets or “specials” cover everything else in the hurling betting world. In hurling, you might see prop bets such as who will be a championship top-scorer or who will be nominated as the hurling player of the year. These wagers are similar to futures in that you usually have a list of teams or individual players with their odds.

At some hurling betting sites, prop bets are listed under the “futures” section. Keep that in mind. Props and futures are nearly the same thing.

Major Hurling Championships and Events

Online bookmakers accept wagers on individual hurling matches as well as on the outcomes of major events. Events are held around the world, but the biggest events all take place in Ireland. Here’s a brief look at a few of the largest hurling championships.

All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

This is the most prestigious event in all of hurling. The All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is played as a tournament-style event with 14 county teams competing for the Liam McCarthy Cup. The grand final match is typically held on the first Sunday of September every year.

Provincial Championships

Each of the four provinces in Ireland holds a championship as a lead-up to the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. The winning team of any provincial championship advances straight to the semi-finals of the All-Ireland mentioned above. The losing team enters the All-Ireland at the quarter-finals stage.

There are four provincial championships held every year:

  • Munster Provincial Championship
  • Leinster Provincial Championship
  • Connacht Provincial Championship
  • Ulster Provincial Championship

You can bet on these major championships plus all the various county championships at most major hurling betting websites. Stick with the bookmaker recommendations near the top of this page and you’ll never suffer from a lack of hurling online betting options.