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2015 Pacific Nations Cup: Betting Odds and Schedule

The Pacific Nations Cup for tier-2 rugby union kicks off this Saturday for Canada, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Tonga and the United States. Three matches composing Round 1 will be held on Saturday the 18th followed by three more matches on 24 July and then three more matches on 29 July. Lastly, the finals are scheduled for 3 August.

This event is not the highest profile in rugby competition, but it does offer some unique betting opportunities. A couple of the major rugby bookmakers are accepting outright wagers on the champion. Let’s take a look at what the main bookmakers have on offer and then talk a bit more about the event itself.

Outright Winner Betting Odds

Paddy Power is the only major bookmaker even covering the Pacific Nations Cup this year. I checked with every reputable betting site to see which offer odds on the event, and it came down to just two sites. Here’s a look at the odds offered by each.

Samoa are the favourite to win the whole thing and as of this writing, Paddy Power has the best price. My recommendation is to go with if you want to bet on Samoa.

I also checked with every single reputable bookmaker on the internet and found that no sites are offering wagers on individual matchups. You have to remember that this is Tier 2 rugby, so there is not nearly as much interest. Apparently, the world’s bookmakers just do not see enough interest from punters to spend the time setting up odds for each test.

Pacific Nations Test Schedule

The 2015 Pacific Nations Cup is scheduled as a round-robin style event with two pools comprised of three teams each. Pool A consists of Samoa, Japan and Tonga while Pool B consists of Fiji, USA and Canada. Each team will play one match against each other team over the first three rounds of play.

Teams earn 4 points for a win, two points for a draw and zero points for a defeat. After the round robin stages are played, each team will be seeded according to the number of points earned through the first three rounds. Then, there will be a final round of three matches to determine first through sixth place.

Here’s a look at the schedule as posted by

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