Bet365’s Refer a Friend Program

They say there’s no such thing as a sure thing in sports betting. Whoever said that obviously never heard of the Bet365 refer-a-friend program. If you have friends who bet on sports, gamble or play poker, you can send them on over to in return for the easiest £25 you’ve ever made.

The idea here is simple. Bet365 knows the power of the word of mouth. It’s one thing to see an advert on TV, but it’s a whole lot more effective to be referred to a gambling site by a friend. Thus, Bet365 is willing to pay you for every person you send their way.

How to Refer Your Friends

You need two things to start earning referral bonuses:

  1. An account with Bet365
  2. The e-mail address of your friend(s)

First thing’s first. Click on the link below and sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you can log in to your account and look for the referral form.

>>>Click here if you don’t have a Bet365 account<<<

The referral form will ask you for your friend’s name and e-mail address. All you have to do is fill in the information and hit the “send” button. Bet365 will send out an e-mail letting that person know that you have invited them to join you at Bet365.

The e-mail will also include a “referrer code” for your friend. When he signs up for an account, there will be a place on the signup form that asks for the bonus/referral code. That’s the place where he should type in the number that came in the e-mail.

If your friend joins and becomes a real money player, each of you will get a £25 bonus added to your accounts. You get cash for sending him and he gets cash for being referred. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Terms and Conditions

There are some very specific terms and conditions associated with this promotion. You should take note because if any of these conditions are not met, nobody gets the extra bonus money. Bet365 has these in place to prevent abuse of the system.

Before you can refer your friends: You need to have at least 25 settled bets with your account with at least £250 worth of total bets placed. You also need to have made at least £50 worth of deposits before you refer your friend. This is done to prevent people from referring themselves and using the program to place free bets.


  • Your friend must sign up for an account within 7 days of receiving the e-mail
  • Your friend must enter the referrer code when he signs up
  • Your friend must place at least 25 bets worth at least £250 within 30 days
  • Your friend must deposit at least £50 within 30 days
  • Your friend may not already have an account with Bet365

The Bet365 Bonus / Referrer Code

When you sign up for an account at, you will see a little box at the bottom of the page that asks for your bonus/referrer code. If you have been referred to Bet365 by someone else, this is where you type in the code that came with your e-mail. Doing so will give your friend credit for sending you over.

If you don’t already have an account with Bet365 and nobody referred you, you can use the following referrer code if you would like to give us credit for sending you. This is completely optional. Nothing changes for you if you use our referrer code or leave it blank – it simply helps us a little if you feel like supporting OBS. If you leave it blank, you will still be able to refer your friends as normal.

Referrer code: pdo100