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Online Cycling Betting Guide

Introduction to Cycling Betting - It would be fair to say that cycling is not one of the most popular sports in the world. However, the use of bicycles for sport –i.e. racing – has been around for a while and it does have a loyal and fanatical following in some parts of the world. It was not long after the bicycle was invented, back in the 19th century, that cycling competitions started. The early competitions, despite often leading to many injured cyclists, grew in popularity and the sport spread throughout Europe and the United States and into other regions.

1903 saw the first Tour De France, which has gone on to be the most famous cycling race in the world and does attract a lot of attention. It is in France, and other countries on Continental Europe, that cycling racing remains the most popular.

Where To Bet On Cycling Events

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Forms and Formats of Cycling Racing Events

Cycling racing does take place in several different formats, but the most well-known form of cycling racing is almost certainly road racing. Many would say that the biggest cycling racing contests in the world are the Tour De France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana. These three races make up the Grand Tour and are very high profile contests.

The races in the Grand Tour are all multi-stage events that take place over several weeks. The stages take place over a variety of conditions, such as hill climbs or flat sprints and provide a gruelling test of stamina to the competitors.

Cycling racing is also an Olympic sport and at each Olympic Games there are several different cycling events. At the Olympics there are generally three different types of cycling racing – road cycling, track cycling and mountain biking.

Types of Cycling Bets and Wagers

Unlike some other sports, the range of bets available for cycling races is not particularly wide. All of the top online bookmakers will open markets for most major cycling races, but the selection of wagers may often be quite limited. We’ve listed below the most common types of cycling bets.

  • Race Winner Betting - A simple bet at cycling betting sites for a single cycle race – whether on the road or a track. This bet involves selecting a cyclist you believe will win the race and place your wager on them. If your selection does win, you will get a winning return on your bet. Returns will be based on the odds at the time of placing your bet.
  • Futures/Outright Bets - This type of bet is fairly common for a multi stage cycling race, such as the Tour De France. A futures bet, or outright bet, in this instance would mean betting on the winner of the entire competition.
  • Prop Bets/Specials - These bets will usually be more widely available at cycling betting websites on the high profile multi stage cycling races. Specials bets for cycling could include the winner of a particular stage, the nationality of the winner or the margin of victory. Prop bets can make betting on the bigger races a lot of fun as well as providing additional opportunities for making money.

Online Cycling Betting Winning Strategy

The strategy for online cycling betting sites are heavily reliant on knowing the cyclists involved, particularly when betting on the large multi stage cycling races. Even though it is likely to be one of the more well-known cyclists that will win the overall competition, many of the lesser-known cyclists do win some of the stages along the way.

Although cycling racing doesn’t receive the same level of media coverage that some other sports do, it is still perfectly possible to find reports and statistics online and wager at cycling betting websites. It is well worth spending some time doing detailed research before getting involved in online cycling betting.

The other important thing to remember is to always use a quality online bookmaker. The best online betting sites will have the widest range of bets and will offer the better wagering odds.

Major Cycling Racing Events: