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UFC Online Betting Guide

Introduction to UFC Betting - The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has seen its popularity rise considerably since its inception in 1993. The UFC showcases fights, across seven weight divisions, under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights see fighters of a number of different disciplines – such as wrestling, boxing, karate and Jiu-Jitsu – compete against each other. UFC betting sites have risen in popularity along with the sport.

Early UFC fights were often particularly violent and, while this was the attraction to many, the UFC encountered many obstacles on their way to being considered a mainstream sport. The no-holds barred form of fighting did not prove palatable to a wider audience and there were calls for the sport to be banned. However, after reforms in what fighters could and couldn’t do in the ring and a general overhaul in the rules, the UFC made the transition from “ugly spectacle” to popular sport.

The UFC has gone from strength to strength, with some blips along the way, and now has a fanatical following all over the world. Many of the bigger events are on pay-per-view television and usually attract big audiences. Betting on the UFC online has also proved to be incredibly popular and the amount of betting on this sport is continuing to steadily increase.

Where To Bet On UFC Online

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Forms and Formats of UFC Fights And Events

The UFC has seven separate weight classes, the lightest being bantam weight up to the heaviest, which is the heavyweight class. Unlike a boxing ring, the arena for UFC fights is an eight-sided cage, which is referred to as “The Octagon”. Although, originally, fighters could wear pretty much whatever they wanted in a UFC fight, attire is now regulated. Fighters must wear shorts that meet certain criteria and cannot wear either shirts or shoes. They are also required to wear open fingered gloves.

Fights in the UFC can usually be categorized in one of three formats – championship fights, professional ranking fights or exhibition fights. As you would imagine, it tends to be the championship fights which attract the most interest at top UFC betting websites.

Types of UFC Bets and Wagers

As betting on the UFC has turned out to be a big market for online betting sites, there tends to be quite a decent range of wagers available on most matches – particularly championship fights. Betting on the UFC is pretty straightforward and we’ve listed some of the more common bets below.

  • Moneyline Bet - The moneyline bet is one of the simplest and most popular bets on UFC. This wager requires you to select the fighter you believe will win an upcoming fight. The amount of money a successful bet will return depends on the moneyline, which is set in advance by an online bookmaker. If you backed a fighter at +400 with a stake of $10.00, you would win $40.00. If you backed a fighter at -400 with a stake of $10.00, you would win $2.50.
  • Match Betting (Fixed Odds) - A match bet is fundamentally the same as the moneyline bet, as it also involves placing a wager on the fighter you expect to win a fight. The difference is purely in the way the odds are presented by the online bookmaker. A match bet will be placed at odds shown either as fractional odds (like 3/1) or decimal odds (such as 4.0).
  • Round Betting - This is another nice and simple bet. Round betting on UFC involves betting on which round you believe the fight will be won.
  • Over/Under Betting - This is similar to round betting in that it is still based on which round the fight will end. However, in an Over/Under bet, the UFC online beaten gsite will have set a prediction for which round the fight will be won in. If the bookmaker has set the point at 2.5 rounds, for example then you can either bet the under (ie the fight will finish in two rounds or less) or the over (ie the fight will last at least three rounds).
  • Prop Bets/Specials - Prop bets, or specials, are not particularly common in UFC. However, there are some examples. One in particular that seems popular is betting on how the fight will be decided – by knockout, submission or judges’ decision.

Online UFC Betting Tips and Strategy

The best strategy for wagering at online UFC betting sites is really to get to know the fighters past results, and their strengths and weaknesses compared to their opponents. Very often, fights are one-sided and the favourite is widely expected to win; however when this is the case there is often not a lot of value in backing the favourite. Upsets can happen and the underdogs do win sometimes, so risking a lot to win a little is not always the best thing to do.

One of the better ways of making money at UFC betting sites is studying the individual fighters and their styles. Over time, you will get a broad knowledge of how one fighter might be expected to perform against another, and find wagers to place that way. You also may get a better idea of how a fight is likely to be won, which is another UFC bet you can place.

Another important piece of advice for anyone looking to bet the UFC online is to use one of the best online betting sites. As UFC has become more mainstream, more and more online bookmakers will offer wagers on the sport. However, to get the best value out of your betting you should be using an online bookmaker who not only provides a good service but also offers the best prices.