Punter Nets €60,000 off Players Championship Golf Bet

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Another bold golf punter pulled off a big win this weekend after backing Si Woo Kim to win THE PLAYERS Championship at odds of 500/1 at BoyleSports.com. The savvy punter saw something he liked in Si Woo Kim and went for the big score by backing him with a £200 each-way bet to win the tournament this weekend.

Si Woo Kim went on to play a masterful game at THE PLAYERS on a tough course and in windy conditions to pull out the 3-under par final round and become the youngest golfer in history to win the event. Si Woo Kim is just 21 years old and this is by far his biggest score of all time. Si Woo Kim wasn’t the only one to walk away with a big win after this weekend; the anonymous punter who backed him was rewarded with a €60,200 payday for a net profit of €60,000.

Si Woo Kim was not on many radars ahead of THE PLAYERS as a 500/1 underdog. We’ll admit he certainly wasn’t on ours. In fact, he didn’t even make it anywhere near our odds table showing the top-20 golfers as rated by the odds. Kim came out of nowhere to win this event and a whole lot of money.

Whether this bet was chosen for its value or just for plain entertainment factor, there certainly was not a mountain of evidence pointing to Kim being a likely champion prior to the 2017 edition of THE PLAYERS:

These poor showings of late bely a very skilled golfer; Si Woo Kim has been dealing with back and wrist injuries all year long. In fact, he just withdrew from the AT&T Byron Nelson Classic citing a back injury once again. It seems Si Woo Kim peaked at just the right time to knock out THE PLAYERS before going back on the mend.

Risking €200 on a 500/1 long shot just at random seems like a stretch. Maybe the punter really did believe in Si Woo Kim. Maybe it was just pure luck. Whatever the case, the big bet paid off in a big way.

A BoyleSports spokesman had this to say on the winning wager:

“Hats off to the Dublin savvy punter who picked Kim Si-woo to win the Players Championship at the massive odds of 500/1. The lucky punter certainly knows their golf and no doubt they will be able to afford plenty of four balls at the K Club after netting a whopping €60,200 from their €200 bet.”

Looking at the Winning Bet

The winning bet that paid off so handsomely was an each-way outright “to win” wager placed prior to the start of the 2017 PLAYERS Championship. Each-way bets consist of two different wagers wrapped into one.

First, there’s the “win” portion of the bet which pays out at the stated odds. Then, there’s a “place” portion of the wager that pays out at partial odds if the chosen golfer places well in the tournament.

BoyleSports each-way golf wagers pay out at 1/5th odds down to six places. What this means is the “place” portion of the bet is considered a winner if the chosen golfer finishes anywhere in the top six finishing positions.

In this case, the punter risked a total of €200 on Si Woo Kim. When Kim won the tournament, both halves of the bet paid out. The £100 “win” portion returned £50,100 in total at odds of 500/1. The remaining £100 paid out at odds of 100/1 because Si Woo Kim placed in the top six. That portion of the wager returned €10,100. All together, the bet returned returned €60,200.

And here’s the shot that made Si Woo Kim a PLAYERS champion and an anonymous punter €60,000 richer:

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