Online skiing betting always pings on the radar during the Olympics, but important competitions are hosted every year. Between the Skiing World Cup, Winter X Games and the Olympic Games, there is always some alpine racing betting  to look forward to during winter months. All you need to do is find the right skiing betting sites and make your picks.

We are here to help you find the best skiing betting sites for you. The majority of online bookmakers cover skiing to some extent, but there is a large range in total betting markets and overall quality. It will pay dividends in the future to make sure you find a quality skiing betting websites.

Best Skiing Betting Sites

Betting Site
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In our experience, the skiing betting sites listed on this page have been the best betting site for alpine racing fans for the past several years. Not only does the brands listed here cover major competitions such as the FIS Alpine World Cup and Olympic Games, but they also cover a whole variety of other alpine racing events that don’t attract news headlines. You can visit these bookmakers almost year round and find open skiing wagers.

All operators recommended on this page are sub-par. Each has its charm and they are all pretty good about offering a variety of markets on FIS disciplines such as alpine combined, downhill, Super-G, slalom, gain slalom, cross-country, ski jumping, Nordic combined and even half-pipe competitions. My advice would be to check them all out whenever you’re of a mind to bet on skiing and see what they all have on offer.

How to Bet on Skiing Online

The manner in which major skiing competitions are organized influences how the bets are managed. Generally, skiing championships are held in a tournament format with each competitor racing individually to achieve the fastest time or highest judges score. This leads to the majority of skiing bets being held as futures. In these, the skiing sportsbook lists all competitors and lets you pick whoever you want to win it all.

Some skiing betting sites also create matchups by pairing two skiers and having you pick which one of those two will end up with the best time. Each skier is given betting odds and then your goal is to choose which one of those two will perform the best.

Proposition wagers are rare, but you will find them at some skiing betting sites. Prop bets deal with outcomes other than picking the fastest skier. For example, some alpine racing betting sites routinely host wagers on whether or not someone will get a podium finish, and who will be the leader after 1 leg in a downhill racing event.

Winning margin wagers can also be classified as skiing props. In a winning margin bet, your goal isn’t to pick the winner, but rather to predict what the winner’s margin of victory will be in an alpine race. For example, a recent option at one online bookmaker gave punters the following options in a winning margin market on the Giant Slalom:

  • O to and including 0.14 seconds: 4/1
  • 15 to and including 0.29 seconds: 4/1
  • 30 to and including 0.44 seconds: 9/2
  • 45 to and including 0.59 seconds: 9/2
  • 60 or over seconds: 6/4

Alpine Skiing World Cup and Other Major Championships

The world’s best skiers stay much busier than you’d think based on a typical year’s worth of news coverage. Whenever (and wherever) it is cold enough to snow, a new skiing competition is never more than a week or two away. The skiing calendar covers a wide range of events, but these are some of the most noteworthy skiing betting events.

Alpine Skiing World Cup: The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup is the most prestigious and grueling annual event in competitive skiing. The World Cup consists of races in slalom, giant slalom, Super G and downhill. Skiers compete to win titles in each discipline as well as the overall title for the best all-around skier.

The International Ski Federation is by far the most prestigious sanctioning body for competition. Competitors can earn a title for each of the four major disciplines as well as an overall World Cup title for the best all-around skier that year. You can also take a look at this post from the 2015/16 alpine skiing season for more information. That post is a bit dated now, but it still has some interesting historic tidbits as well as useful information about how each skiing season is organized by the FIS.

Winter Olympics: The Winter Olympics get the most media attention by a long shot as they pit skier against skier and nation against nation in combined, downhill, slalom, giant slalom and Super G.

Winter X Games: The X Games are the odd one out on this page with a focus on a completely different set of events. Even so, every decent skiing betting site is sure to add the Winter X Games to its lineup every year. Skiing disciplines in today’s incarnation of the X Games consist of big air, mono skier X, skier X, SuperPipe and Slopestyle.

FIS Nordic Combined World Cup: As the name suggests, this is the most prestigious annual event in the Nordic combined discipline, which itself consists of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. The FIS organizes this event such that it begins with a jump competition followed by a 10K cross-country race. The winner of the jump competition begins the race at 0:00 while the others start with penalties based on their jump scores.