Your Guide to Betting on the 2017 MLB Season

The best day of the year in cities around the country fast approaches as we enter spring and the beginning of the 2017 MLB season. That day, of course, is Opening Day. The first day of the MLB season as a whole comes this weekend with a three-game slate on Sunday, April 2nd. It all starts at 1:10 PM ET with the Yankees paying a visit to the Rays, then at 4:10 PM with the Giants at the Diamondbacks and finally an 8:35 game with the Cubs at the Cardinals.

Best Betting Sites for the 2017 MLB Season

Betting Site

Baseball betting sites are back in action as usual with a full complement of 2017 futures, season-long props for players and teams alike, and the first run lines of the season. Welcome back, fans. It’s time to bet on baseball.

After winning their first World Series since 1908 last year, the Chicago Cubs return to the 2017 season as favourites to achieve a rare World Series repeat. Online bookmakers priced the Cubs at around 4/1 to come back and do it again with the Boson Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and LA Dodgers close behind.

Chicago’s status as 2017 MLB season betting favourites is based on more than mere hype from their historic win just a few months back. The Chicago Cubs are still really, really good. They return this year with last year’s National League MVP third baseman Kris Bryant, World Series MVP Ben Zobrist and three Cy Young candidate starting pitchers. This a deep and well-rounded team.

Even so, predicting just one team to win it all is always going to involve a little gamble this early in the season. There is still a lot of baseball to be played before we even start talking serious postseason scenarios. If you like the Cubs but aren’t quite sold on dropping a bet on them at this point, there is also the 2017 win total wager available at most betting sites.

We’ll be covering both betting markets today for every team, so read on for the latest baseball betting odds and season projections.

Odds to Win the 2017 World Series

AL East
Baltimore Orioles40/140/133/1
Boston Red Sox6/16/113/2
New York Yankees20/125/120/1
Tampa Bay Rays66/190/180/1
Toronto Blue Jays18/114/116/1
AL Central
Chicago White Sox75/1125/1100/1
Cleveland Indians13/26/113/2
Detroit Tigers28/133/128/1
KC Royals30/135/133/1
Minnesota Twins125/1200/1150/1
AL West
Houston Astros14/113/113/1
LA Angels75/180/180/1
Oakland Athletics125/1150/1100/1
Seattle Mariners28/128/125/1
Texas Rangers22/125/122/1
NL East
Atlanta Braves100/1125/1125/1
Miami Marlins50/175/166/1
New York Mets16/112/118/1
Philadelphia Phillies125/1125/1125/1
Washington Nationals10/111/110/1
NL Central
Chicago Cubs15/47/29/2
Cincinnati Reds250/1275/1200/1
Milwaukee Brewers150/1200/1150/1
Pittsburgh Pirates40/145/140/1
St. Louis Cardinals20/125/125/1
NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks75/1100/180/1
Colorado Rockies35/135/166/1
LA Dodgers37/417/210/1
San Diego Padres150/1225/1200/1
San Francisco Giants14/127/218/1

Odds from US betting sites:

AL East
Baltimore Orioles+3300+3600+3300
Boston Red Sox+450+550+500
New York Yankees+2500+2500+1800
Tampa Bay Rays+10,000+8000+6600
Toronto Blue Jays+2200+2200+1400
AL Central
Chicago White Sox+10,000+10,000+8000
Cleveland Indians+900+700+750
Detroit Tigers+2800+3300+2800
KC Royals+3300+5000+2800
Minnesota Twins+12,500+15,000+12,500
AL West
Houston Astros+1400+1200+1400
LA Angels+4000+6600+8000
Oakland Athletics+15,000+15,000+10,000
Seattle Mariners+3300+2500+2500
Texas Rangers+2800+2500+2000
NL East
Atlanta Braves+7500+10,000+10,000
Miami Marlins+7500+6600+5000
New York Mets+1400+1200+1400
Philadelphia Phillies+15,000+15,000+10,000
Washington Nationals+1100+1000+1000
NL Central
Chicago Cubs+450+450+350
Cincinnati Reds+20,000+20,000+15,000
Milwaukee Brewers+20,000+25,000+12,500
Pittsburgh Pirates+5000+5000+4000
St. Louis Cardinals+2500+2500+2200
NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks+7500+10,000+7500
Colorado Rockies+4000+5000+5000
LA Dodgers+900+700+1000
San Diego Padres+15,000+20,000+12,500
San Francisco Giants+1100+1200+1400

2017 MLB Win Totals – Betting Odds and Projections

Depending on which bookmaker you check, the Cubs’ regular season win total is sitting at around 95.5 to 96.5 wins. That puts them right at the top of the pack – no surprise given what they accomplished last year and the number of core players that are set to return for the 2017 season.

Something worth noting is there seems to be a divergence in predicted win totals when you compare sabermetrics-style predictions to columnist predictions found in the news these last couple weeks. has the Cubs winning 94 games this season while Baseball Prospectus has the Cubs winning just 92 games. Both are noteworthy projections compared to last year’s 103-win season for the Cubs.

Meanwhile, sports news organizations are sending out higher projections. USA Today Sports has pinned the 2017 Cubs as a 99-win team. Sam Gardner with Fox Sports seems to have the Cubs as a 100-win team this year. ESPN has the Cubs winning 98 games.

Random note: David Schoenfield at ESPN does offer a well thought-out argument as to why the Cubs won’t win 100 games this year.

Anyways, the point is there are different ways to look at things. Sports columnists can get it hilariously wrong (hey, they have a tough job) but so can statistics-heavy predictions systems. It’s worth looking at both points of view. And to that end, here’s a little chart I’ve compiled showing the projected win totals for every team from, Baseball Prospectus, ESPN and USA Today compared to the oddsmakers’ over/under predictions.

Bet365 Win Total
AL East
Baltimore Orioles8174808480.5
Boston Red Sox9187939492.5
New York Yankees8182818083.5
Tampa Bay Rays8385827577.5
Toronto Blue Jays8681878785.5
AL Central
Chicago White Sox6976736868.5
Cleveland Indians9192879593.5
Detroit Tigers8179818583.5
KC Royals7572778379.5
Minnesota Twins7578786674.5
AL West
Houston Astros9093909090.5
LA Angels8476777479.5
Oakland Athletics7975737073.5
Seattle Mariners8386858585.5
Texas Rangers8385848985.5
NL East
Atlanta Braves7376687075.5
Miami Marlins7877757577.5
New York Mets8687858987.5
Philadelphia Phillies7274677473.5
Washington Nationals9187899091.5
NL Central
Chicago Cubs9492989996.5
Cincinnati Reds7074736669.5
Milwaukee Brewers7078747270.5
Pittsburgh Pirates8282838182.5
St. Louis Cardinals8477858883.5
NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks7778777478.5
Colorado Rockies7776828180.5
LA Dodgers9496939293.5
San Diego Padres6670656565.5
San Francisco Giants8787888987.5