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Updates and developments in the world of online betting regulation including country specific laws and licensing information.

Belgium: Court Rules Sports and Casino Games Cannot be Offered on Same Website

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A Belgian court ruling has just erected the latest barrier for betting sites attempting to operate in an already-restrictive market. Last week, the Belgian Constitutional Court ruled that licensing practices which allow operators to offer sports betting and casino games on a single website contradict the Belgian Constitution. Continue reading

Antigua and Barbuda Hurricane Recovery Aid Could Come from a Surprising Source: An Old Online Gambling Dispute with the United States

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Hurricane Irma tore through Antigua and Barbuda in September, destroying or damaging 95% of structures on Barbuda and causing an estimated $250 million in damage across both islands. The saga continues more than a month later with recovery efforts underway and local officials scrambling for recovery funds. Continue reading

Horse Racing Betting Legalized In… North Korea?

And the most surprising gambling-related news of the day comes from North Korea of all places. International news outlets are reporting that Kim Jong Un has turned a 180 on his traditionally anti-gambling stance and is now allowing North Koreans to bet on local horse races in a desperate bid to raise cash amid increasingly punishing international sanctions. Continue reading

PGA Tour Launching Integrity Program to Combat Betting Corruption

The PGA Tour will be launching a new program to more closely monitor sports betting as it relates to professional golf beginning on January 1st, 2018. The new Integrity Program will implement a more comprehensive policy regarding sports betting and will have the PGA Tour partner with sports data firm Genius Sports to monitor regulated betting markets around the world for suspicious betting activity. Continue reading