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Bad Month for Online Betting: Operators Warned for Fake News Ads

Image credit: ASA / Twitter

We’re barely two weeks in to September and already it has been a rough month for online betting sites and their affiliates. Earlier this month, a pair of news articles published by the Guardian painted affiliate marketers in a negative light after alleging some tipsters were purposely giving punters bad advice in an effort to boost their own affiliate earnings. Continue reading

International Gambling News Roundup: 18 August 2017

Welcome to the August 18 edition of our irregularly schedule international gambling news roundups. Today, we’ll be discussing the latest developments on the legal situation in Australia, what happened to Bovada’s Game of Thrones betting markets and the implications of Floyd Mayweather betting on himself ahead of his boxing match against Conor McGregor. Continue reading

International Gambling News Roundup: 30 May 2017

Welcome back to another edition of the International Gambling News Roundup. As usual, our topics of discussion today are weighted towards legal developments from around the world but we will also be touching on several other topics of interest.

Here’s what we have on the menu for today:

  • UK Gambling Commission Releases New Gaming Industry Stats
  • South Africa Follows Through on Threat to Seize Gambling Winnings
  • Tennis Still Top Among Sports for Suspicious Betting
  • Online Betting Ring Busted in Vietnam
  • Sports Betting Legalization Bill Introduced in the USA
  • Online Sports Betting Grows by 23% in France

Continue reading

Are Rummy and Poker Sites the Next Booming Industry in India?

Indian rummy and poker sites are riding a profitable wave as the online gaming business appears to have firmly entered a high growth phase. With smartphones and internet access becoming ever more affordable in India, investors are starting to see the fruits of a market with massive potential. India, with its 1.3 billion people, appears to have quite the appetite for real money card games played online. Continue reading

International Gambling News Roundup: 7 May 2017

This month’s international gambling news roundup covers a wide range of topics that run the gamut from illegal sports betting rings in Taiwan to developments in the use of artificial intelligence in the fight against money laundering. Once again, we’re back with the most interesting and informative gambling news from the past month. Continue reading