Roundup of the Best 2018 Super Bowl Prop Bets

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The betting lines are out and the bookmakers are ready. Super Bowl 52 happens this Sunday at US Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the Philadelphia Eagles facing the New England Patriots. It’s a battle between a dynasty that has been here eight times since 2000 and a team that doesn’t have a single Super Bowl win to its name.

Philadelphia can claim a 1960 NFL Championship title, but when it comes to Super Bowl rings, they have nada. Will Nick Foles and his ragtag crew of beaten-up second stringers surprise the oddsmakers again and give Philadelphia its first NFL title of any kind in recent history or will Tom Brady and Bill Belichick etch their conjoined legacy even deeper into the history books?

Best Super Bowl LII Betting Sites

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I have my pick, but I’ll keep it to myself because we have more important questions to ponder today. For starters, does anyone have any idea what color Pink’s hair will be on Super Bowl Sunday? And Donald Trump – how many times will he tweet on Sunday?

These are the questions burning in so many minds across the national and around the world as the 2018 Super Bowl quickly approaches. Yes, they lack the high drama of Brady vs. Foles and dynasty vs. underdogs, but the fact is prop bets are basically a Super Bowl tradition at this point.

For instance, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook director Jay Kornegay told the San Francisco Chronicle this week that about 60% of the bets placed at his sportsbook have been proposition bets. See, I’m not crazy – people seem to like props even more than actual bets on who will win the Super Bowl! That’s alright. What the people want, we deliver.

Let’s look at the best Super Bowl LII props.

Looking at the Best Super Bowl Props

Is there an edge to be had in some Super Bowl prop bets? There most definitely is in certain cases. You’re not going to get an edge over the coin flip, but you just might be able to dig up information that other people have missed and use it to your advantage for other wagers. Just keep in mind that oddsmakers tend to be very sharp on their props because a lot of money comes in on this category of Super Bowl bets.

For the most part, however, prop bets are just a fun way to put a little money on the Super Bowl without sweating statistics and making a big deal out of researching every possible outcome. Plus, there are those random funny props like whether or not “Nipplegate” will be said on air (no, seriously) that should appeal even to those who have no interest in football except to make a significant other happy.

We’ll be looking at prop bets in two broad categories today: prop bets that involve direct, in-game events and prop bets that have to do with all the many off-field shenanigans we’ll be seeing on Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll also be dividing this post into props that are available at international betting sites and those that are available at US-friendly sportsbooks.

Also note that there are literally hundreds of prop bets to choose from at some bookmakers. There is no way to display every single prop possible – especially if you use a wide definition of what counts as a prop bet. If you have a favourite bookmaker, it would be best to visit it yourself as well for even more options.

One last thing: there are so many Super Bowl bets to choose from at some bookmakers that it can be hard to even locate specific wagers. Most betting sites offer a search feature that you can use to locate those bets. For example, I had a hard time finding Paddy Power’s odds on a safety being score during the game, but was able to find it by using the search feature in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Let’s begin with a look at the best Super Bowl props among international bookmakers.

Best Super Bowl Props at International Bookmakers

These props are open only to all our non-US readers and can be found at highly-rated, reputable bookmakers. This chart will include odds comparisons where available, but not all NFL betting sites will be offering the same props.

On-Field Props
ComeOnWilliam HillPaddy Power
Coin Toss WinnerEagles: 20/21

Patriots: 20/21

Eagles: 20/21

Patriots: 20/21

Eagles: 10/11

Patriots: 10/11

Nick Foles Passing YardsOver 242.5: 20/23

Under 242.5: 20/23

Over 245.5: 10/11

Under 245.5: 10/11

Over 242.5: 5/6

Under 242.5: 5/6

Tom Brady Passing YardsOver 286.5: 20/23

Under 286.5: 20/23

Over 285.5: 10/11

Under 285.5: 10/11

Over 287.5: 5/6

Under 287.5: 5/6

Nick Foles CompletionsN/AOver 22.5: 10/11

Under 22.5: 10/11

Over 22.5: 5/6

Under 22.5: 5/6

Tom Brady CompletionsN/AOver 26.5: 10/11

Under 26.5: 10/11

Over 26.5: 5/6

Under 26.5: 5/6

Safety to be scored?Yes: 15/2

No: 1/20

Yes: 14/1

No: 1/66

Yes: 15/2

No: 1/20

First Scoring PlayEagles TD: 57/20

Eagles FG: 4/1

Any Safety: 55/1

Patriots TD: 7/5

Patriots FG: 15/4

Eagles TD: 21/10

Eagles FG: 15/4

Eagles Safety: 66/1

Patriots TD: 8/5

Patriots FG: 7/2

Patriots Safety: 66/1

Eagles TD: 5/2

Eagles FG: 7/2

Eagles Safety: 150/1

Patriots TD: 13/8

Patriots FG: 10/3

Patriots Safety: 175/1

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Novelty Props
ComeOnWilliam HillPaddy Power
Length of National AnthemOver 2 minutes: 5/8

Under 2 minutes: 5/4

Over 120 seconds: 4/7

Under 121 seconds: 13/10

Over 123.5 seconds: 4/5

Under 123.5 seconds: 10/11

Will any players kneel during National Anthem?N/AN/AYes: 11/4

No: 1/5

Streaker on pitch?N/AN/AYes: 33/1
Will Justin Timberlake wear a hat during half time?N/AYes: 4/7

No: 13/10

Yes: 10/11

No: 10/11

Will Donald Trump attend the game?N/AN/AYes: 3/1
Will Donald Trump kneel during the National Anthem?N/AN/AYes: 100/1
How many times will Trump tweet during the game?N/AN/AOver 2.5: 10/11

Under 2.5: 10/11

What outfit will Pink wear singing the Anthem?N/AN/AEagles Jersey: 15/2

No Clothes: 100/1

Any Other: 1/40

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Best Super Bowl Props at USA-Friendly Betting Sites

And now we look at Super Bowl 52 props offered by the best USA betting sites. Again, you may want to visit each site individually to see even more props. I can only realistically fit so many on this page so the following is more of a random sampling than a complete list of all available props.

On Field Props
Outcome of Coin TossHeads: -105

Tails: -105

Heads: -105

Tails: -105

Heads: -105

Tails: -105

Nick Foles Passing YardsOver 242.5: -135

Under 242.5: +105

1st Half O 112.5: -110

1st Half U: 112.5: -110

Over 247.5: -115

Under 247.5: -115

Tom Brady Passing YardsOver 285.5: -130

Under 285.5: +100

1st Half O 142.5: -120

1st Half U 142.5: +100

Over 295.5: -120

Under 295.5: -110

Nick Foles CompletionsOver 22.5: -125

Under 22.5: -105

N/AOver 22.5: -120

Under 22.5: -110

Tom Brady CompletionsOver 26.5: -115

Under 26.5: -115

N/AOver 26.5: -115

Under 26.5: -115

Safety to be scored?Yes: +650

No: -1200

Yes: +800

No: -1250

Yes: +750

No: -1667

First Scoring PlayEagles TD: +230

Eagles FG: +350

Eagles Safety: +3300

Patriots TD: +160

Patriots FG: +325

Patriots Safety: +3300

Eagles Passing TD: +500

Eagles Rushing TD: +650

Eagles D/ST TD: +2500

Eagles FG: +350

Patriots Passing TD: +300

Patriots Rushing TD: +600

Patriots D/ST TD: +2500

Patriots FG: +290

Any Safety: +5000

Eagles TD: +270

Eagles FG: +350

Eagles Safety: +8000

Patriots TD: +160

Patriots FG: +300

Patriots Safety: +8000

Will there be a flea flicker attempt?Yes: +170

No: -250

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Novelty Props
Length of National AnthemOver 120 seconds: -165

Under 120 seconds: +125

Over 81 seconds: -140

Under 81 seconds: +120

Under 123 seconds: -130

Over 123 seconds: +100

Total Donald Trump Tweets on Feb 4Over 5: -140

Under 5: +100

Over 5.5: -110

Under 5.5: -120

Will Pink be airborne at any point during Nat’l Anthem?Yes: +300

No: -500

Will “Nipplegate” be said during broadcast?Yes: +500

No: -900

Will Tom Brady’s jersey be stolen again?Yes: +1000N/AN/A
Who will be shown first on TV during Nat’l Anthem?Tom Brady: -220

Nick Foles: +155

Will Donovan McNabb’s vomiting incident be mentioned during broadcast?Yes: +170

No: -250

Will Justin Timberlake be wearing a hate when he begins his Halftime show?Yes: -140

No: +100

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