Intertops Introduces Live Match Tracker and New NFL Bonuses

Intertops has been busy lately with the introduction of a new live match tracker for an improved live-betting experience as well as a set of new NFL bonuses open to all customers.

The most recent news out of Intertops came this morning when they announced a new live match tracking interface that provides an improved look at live betting markets as they happen. With the introduction of the live match tracker, you can watch the action unfold in real time with an improved graphic representation of what’s happening on the field or court.

If you’re betting on a tennis match, for example, the live match tracker will show you who is serving and who is scoring as the tennis ball moves back and forth across the court. Likewise, soccer matches show which team is attacking as the ball moves across the field and shows on-screen whenever someone takes a shot on the goal, when the ball is safe, when someone is pressing forward and when someone is throwing the ball in.

It’s not quite the same as actually watching a game on TV, but it is definitely an improvement over live scoring systems of the past that rely only on text updates. At Intertops, you can actually watch as the ball moves around on the field alongside constantly updated stats.

The live match tracker is also available on all mobile devices. All you need to do is visit from your smartphone and head to the live betting section to watch the action live as it happens. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can stay up to date on all the action.

While the biggest international betting sites are able to provide actual live streaming footage of sporting events, offshore sportsbooks that target the US market have no such ability and will not until the laws change in the US. So, Intertops is offering the next best thing with live updates provided via a graphical representation of what is happening on the field.


How to Access the Live Match Tracker

You can see the action live by visiting and then clicking on the live betting link at the top of the website. Select any in-play match and you will see the live match tracker in the top-right corner of the website if you’re on a desktop or just right at the top of the screen if you’re mobile.

While the live match tracker provides constant updates, you can place in-play bets on that same screen. If the match is live (and not on a break), there will be a variety of betting options with odds that are also updated in real time. Some of the types of markets you can expect to see includes things such as the full-time match winner, who will score the next goal/point/score and much more.

Many of the in-play markets at Intertops look similar to the types of bets you would place before the game, except these are offered with odds that update on the fly. As one team or the other gains the advantage, you will see the odds shift to reflect the new likelihoods of each outcome.

Seeing Additional Stats

The live match tracker has a range of stats embedded in the tool that are easy to miss. If you click on the little icon in the top-right corner of the live match tracker and then click on the info button that shows up next, the tracker will display a range of additional stats such as each team’s recent record, details of who scored and how, venue information, referees and more.

First, click on this button:

Then, click on this button:

And you will see stats such as these:

Intertops tends to provide the most statistical information for bigger matches, but I have noticed that some of the smaller matches occasionally have information missing such as venue and refereeing info.

New Intertops NFL Bonuses

The Intertops NFL bonuses were actually announced a couple of weeks ago, but there is still plenty of time to take advantage and earn up to $300 in bonus cash across the rest of the season. If you place a total sum of $1500 worth of wagers on NFL games during any of the time periods listed below, Intertops will drop a $100 free bet at the end of each period.

  • Period 1: Weeks 1 through 4 (expired)
  • Period 2: Weeks 5 through 9 (including Monday, November 6th)
  • Period 3: Weeks 10 through 13 (including Monday, December 4th)
  • Period 4: Weeks 14 through 17 (including Sunday, December 31st)

Again, if you place $1500 worth of wagers during any one of those sections, Intertops will give you a $100 bet at the end of that timeframe.

Only wagers placed at odds of -200 (1.5) or better qualify towards meeting the $1500 total. This means you can’t just skirt by betting on heavy favourites. The free bet comes with an 8x rollover that must also be met with wagers placed at odds of -200 / 1.5 or greater.

Not including period 1 which is already passed, there is a total of $300 on offer here for anyone who can stay busy betting on the NFL over the next few weeks.

You can visit Intertops at: