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Bet365 has long been one of our favourite betting sites based on our own experiences and opinions. To put it simply, we recommend Bet365 to anyone looking for a new place to bet online.


  • Extensive sports betting options
  • Casino with broad game selection
  • Reputable online poker room


  • Infrequent betting promotions

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Bet365 Sportsbook Review

Bet365 has, in my opinion, the best online sportsbook of all the major international bookmakers. There are dozens of sports to choose from and a seemingly endless supply of new wagers open for business every day. Some football matches sometimes have upwards of a hundred different markets – just for that one match.

Between the competitive odds and overall quality of the betting interface, Bet365 has long been my favourite bookmaker.

Real Money Poker

Overall, the poker room at Bet365 does an admirable job at keeping the games busy, providing quick-moving tables and hosting lots of promotions.

Horse Racing

The horseracing interface at Bet365 looks simple at first glance, but there’s actually quite a bit going on. It looks like they opted to keep it simple for the recreational users but still include functionality for those of you looking for something more in-depth. One thing I found very nice was the ability to read historic race information and overviews of each horse.


There are three key things that make for an excellent bingo site. First is the variety of games, second is jackpots on offer and third is the community. Bet365 already had a large customer base and deep pockets before it even offered bingo, so it had no problem covering all three aspects when it finally went live with its bingo product in 2008.

Bet365 Deposit Methods

With a presence in many countries, Bet365 has made an effort to offer multiple deposit options no matter where you may live. Some of these deposit methods are open to everyone in the world while others are specific to your country.

Customer Support

The customer support options at Bet365 are well above average for the betting industry. You can reach someone 24 hours a day by freephone, live chat and e-mail. Bet365 employs dozens of support people who can speak most major languages.

Bet365 Refer-a-Friend Programme

The Bet365 refer-a-friend programme has been discontinued since this review was originally published. Their reasons for ending the programme remain unclear, but we do know the programme was fairly popular in its heyday.

However, we can speculate on what the programme would look like if they do resurrect it based on how the programme was structured back when it was active. Back when Bet365 did have a refer-a-friend programme, current members could use it to invite their friends and both customers would receive a £25 bonus in addition to any standard welcome offers.

The old refer-a-friend programme had a few stipulations in place designed to prevent abuse of the system. For example, Bet365 stipulated that in order to qualify for the referral bonus, you needed to have at least 25 settled bets worth a total of at least £250 associated with your account.

Additionally, the former refer-a-friend programme required your friend to sign up for an account within 7 days, place at least 25 bets worth at least £250 in total and deposit at least £50 within 30 days. Finally, your referred friend could not already have an account with Bet365.

If you and your referral both met those qualifications, you would both receive £25 under the old programme. If Bet365 ever decides to bring the referral programme back, there’s a chance it would look something like this.

Sadly, the programme is no longer in operation as of this writing, but we’ll let you know right here if it ever returns. If you’re interested in making money by referring people to betting sites, you may want to consider affiliate marketing instead. You can see our betting affiliates page to learn more about how that all works.