When You Should and Shouldn’t Bet the Money Line

In sports betting there are many different betting options across the board on all of the different sports out there.  One of the most popular and most looked at bets is the money line bet in many sports.  When it comes to betting on the money line, there are often quite a few common mistakes that people make, one of which includes betting the money line when you simply aren’t getting strong enough odds to do so.  In general, you should always have a game plan for betting teams on the money line, whether they are the favorites or the underdog, and that is what we are going to take a look at today.  Let’s get right into some strategy behind betting teams on the money line.

Avoiding Heavy Favorites

Betting on a team who is a massive favorite to win the game simply won’t pay out well enough to make the bet worth your time in almost all cases.  If you are betting $50 to win $3 or $4 then you’ll find that taking one crazy loss will make you negative in general for betting on these types of situations.  You are much better off avoiding betting on the heavy favorites and simply skipping the game all together and finding better betting options on the board.

Looking for Strong Underdog Options

Probably the best time to look for a money line bet is to look for a strong option as an underdog.  Quite a few underdogs will have some good angles to bet them to win the game straight up against the favorite, but you just have to be able to find the angles that are the best and most consistent.  All sports betting sites will have the odds for betting on the underdog clearly listed, so it shouldn’t be much trouble to research a specific game and see if you can find if anything points towards betting on the team that will pay out the better odds.  It’s important to note though that you should NEVER push the action.  Just because a team is an underdog and you want to bet on them, make sure that you have a reason to do so!

Betting on Massive Underdogs

This leads us right into the topic of betting on the massive underdogs.  You know, the teams who realistically have NO shot at winning the game that they are playing in.  No matter which sport you are looking at, professional or college, you’ll find that betting on a team who is a HUGE underdog will hardly ever pull off that upset that leaves you completely shocked and paid out with those huge odds.  You would be better off looking for angles to bet on that team with the points, or looking at other bets in general to find stronger angles to avoid wasting money on these situations.  Don’t get drawn in to a bet just because the odds pay out incredibly well!