Online Betting Sites Sorted By Local Currency

Betting sites that don’t support your primary currency, can be difficult to wager at. Not only do you have to figure out how much each bet is really worth, but you’re also hit with exchange fees. Signup at betting sites that accept your currency of choice.

This information isn’t always displayed prominently. In many cases, you read through FAQs and help pages only to find out the betting site doesn’t even have a list of supported currencies.

We compiled a list of betting websites that accept each currency. Let’s begin with a list of the largest, international betting sites that accept a wide range of currencies:

Betting Site
First Contest Entry Fee Refunded18/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $10018/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

Each of our recommended online betting sites serve international audiences and accept a wide range of currencies. Whether using Dollars, Euros, British pounds, or another currency – you’ll be able to play at these safe betting sites without ever dealing with a single foreign exchange fee or confusion when it comes time to place a bet.

Ranking Betting Sites by Currency

There are two things to look for at betting sites that accept multiple currencies. First is accepting deposit methods that are popular with players in your country. Many countries have special deposit methods available that are compatible with that country’s banking system. Use one of these deposit methods to fund your account, so you won’t get hit with exchange fees.

Second, betting sites should allow you to use your currency whether placing sports wagers, betting on horse races, or playing casino and poker games. It is much easier to comprehend you’re risk when you use your native currency in real time. This option is fairly common if you use one of the world’s major currencies. It’s not as common if you use a currency that isn’t as popular.

Betting sites without this feature convert your currency when you join a game or make a wager. It requires significantly more mental effort to truly understand how much money you’re risking with each bet you place. For example, if your preferred currency is euros and your betting site only allows you to place wagers in US dollars, you find yourself frequently running mental calculations.

There’s one last thing to keep in mind. Some of the smaller, less widely-used currencies of the world just don’t have much support from international betting sites.

Sometimes you will have to exchange currencies whenever you place bets.

You can read more about depositing and withdrawing in specific currencies on each of our country specific pages. Those sections talk about betting laws, depositing in different currencies and specifics relating to each international market.

Next up is a chart that shows that accepted currencies of major betting sites. Note that almost any currency can be used to deposit at any betting site. What we are showing below are currencies that are natively supported (i.e.  you can deposit and hold your account balance in that currency).

If your preferred currency is not listed below, that does not mean you’re out of luck. You may still deposit with your currency, but it will be exchanged for one of the site’s other supported currencies. When you cash out, your bankroll will then be exchanged back into your preferred currency.

 UnibetWilliam HillBetsson888Sport
Pound Sterling (GBP)XXXX
US Dollars (USD)XXXX
Australian Dollar (AUD)X
Brazilian Reai (BRL)XX
Bulgarian Lev (BGN)X
Canadian Dollar (CAD)XX
Czech Koruna (CZK)XX
Danish Krone (DKK)XXX
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)X
Hungarian Forint (HUF)X
Indian Rupee (INR)
Japanese Yen (JPY)X
Lithuanian Litas (LTL)X
Norwegian Krone (NOK)X
Peruvian Soles (PEN)X
Polish Zloty (PLN)XX
Romanian Leu (RON)X
Singapore Dollar (SGD)X
Swedish Krona (SEK)XXX
Swiss Franc (CHF)XX

Exchange Fees and Risk

Sometimes you’re required to convert your currency to bet online.

If you make a deposit at a site that doesn’t support your currency by default, the betting website will perform the currency conversion on your behalf. Reputable betting sites use current market rates to determine the exchange rate. Some will charge a small fee for this service while others do it free.

Exchange risk refers to potential losses when market rates shift. For example, let’s pretend you make a deposit in euros and your betting site exchanges your euros for dollars. While you’re playing, the value of the euro rises relative to dollars. When you go to withdraw, you’ll get back fewer euros because each euros are now a little stronger than they were when you deposited.

The good news about exchange risk is that it’s rarely much of an issue. Additionally, exchange risk is just as likely to work in your favor. If you frequently go in and out of various currencies, you’re going to win some and lose some. It should all even out in the end.

Pro-Tip: Keep your e-wallet account in the same currency as your betting account

If you normally bank in a currency not supported by the betting site of your choice, it is best to go ahead and open a Skrill or Neteller account in one of the currencies supported by your site.

For example, let’s say your native currency is the Swiss franc but your betting site only supports euros, dollars, and pounds. In that case, it would be best to set up an e-wallet account in one of those three currencies. You will still incur exchange fees when you cash out to your bank or upload funds to your e-wallet account, but you will not be charged fees when transferring money to and from your e-wallet to your betting site.

This method minimizes the frequency of exchange fees. You can easily transfer money from one betting site to the next while also avoiding cashing out all the way to the bank as much as you can. This way, you only pay exchange fees when you first upload funds to your e-wallet or when cashing out winnings all the way back to your bank account.

How it Should Be Done

Some gambling sites are much easier to work with than others consider currencies. William Hill serves as a shining example of how it should be done everywhere. Here’s a snippet from a William Hill FAQ page:

“When you access our Casino and choose to Buy Chips you are given an exchange rate for that day. You will be paid the same rate for your Buy Chips (entering the Casino) and Cash In (exiting the Casino).

“You cannot lose any money through the exchange rate as you will receive the same currency rate when entering and leaving.

“Example :

“1 Euro chip bought for 3.250 Hong Kong Dollar on one day if cashed at any point after this you will receive exactly the same rate in return.”

What this means is that William Hill is willing to eliminate all exchange risk for you each day. Very few people would even notice if William Hill didn’t offer this service, but they do it anyways. That’s such a nice touch and it is little things like this that separate the great betting sites from the good.